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About me
Born and raised in Boston. Studied philosophy and world religions in college.30 years experience in construction and then fine woodworking.I have produced more than 1000 half hour and hour community access television programs, played rugby football, climbed cold mountains, driven fast and seen five new people born into the world. Both parents were Boston school teachers. My father was an Irish Catholic Republican (go figure) and my mother could still read Latin in her 96th and final year. Politically I am an agnostic ...frustrates people who know me because I guess I am as close to being politically undefined as possible. I have an ex wife and a late ex wife. My religious training was Roman Catholic but at the hands of French existential nuns and Jesuits; my religion and politics are different, unique. Oh...I am 61 and will live forever. I write for an on line newspaper, capecodtoday.com, where we practice full contact journalism.
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